Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fire of God

Sticky slathering of air pressing against body longing for a cool breeze of refreshment on steamy August night.

The heat of the night is joined by the fire burning within my soul, the fire of confusion, dreams unfulfilled, promises broken and the haunting realization of time slipping away.

Basking in my hot room, feeling like I am burning down from without and within, I am reminded of another fire, an ancient fire from the far reaches of eternity.

The consuming fire of the Creator God

A fire that some have tried to quench

Still it burns

A fire that consumes and cleanses the receptive souls

Yet a fire that devours those who want no part of it

Sitting in the heat, my body begging for cool relief

My soul burning down

I am waiting for the fire of God to ignite my heart with the consuming flame of His Spirit


Pat Hatt said...

Wonderfully worded and great take on the heat and having it be God's flame within.

Brian Miller said...

may your fire be stoked to a roaring flame...often it seems it is preceded by stillness andlots of provided kindling

Sheila Moore said...

your desire is on fire it seems. I can feel the burning desparation and plea in this. willingness is the most important ignitor IMHO.

Claudia said...

sometimes the answer to fire that destroys us is the fire that cleanses and heals...very nicely penned in your words..

liv2write2day said...

This is a beautiful meditation in which you've blended the very real heat that the South is experiencing right now with the fire of God's Spirit. So glad you posted on dVerse so I could discover your blog. Victoria