Saturday, August 13, 2011

Devouring City

Underneath the pavement
Behind the brick and mortar
Below the sidewalks
Stories of lives spent
Lives wasted
Multitudes called these
familiar streets home
Their memories have faded out of sight
Under a concrete sky
Others now walk these stone sidewalks
Run these asphalt streets and
Hide behind the city walls
Their form, soon will be forgotten too
Devoured by the appetite of this unrelenting city.


Heaven said...

A sad grim reality; I like these lines:

"Devoured by the appetite of this unrelenting city."

Brian Miller said...

oh tight the textures...concrete sky...oh the city can shew them up and spit them out for sure... said...

Strong close for all the unsung running down cement paths.

Christine said...

People can get lost in the big city, especially if they just go there to find themselves.

henryclemmons said...

A city's appetite is never satisfied. You captured that very well. enjoyed much!

Claudia said...

so many of these stories can be found in a how you capture this sad reality with a close up shot and kick-ass ending

Mama Zen said...

Excellent piece. Strong and to the point.

Natasha said...

They are indeed hungry beasts...soul sucking energy that must be handled with care. Thought this an honest and fair assessment of most cities...but I was born of meadows and dirt roads! :)