Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Imprisioned Old

Though innocent, locked away
Their only crime
Getting old and gray

Pent up in nursing homes, across the land
Who will go?
And hold their hand

Their families busy, they haven't the time
To pay them a visit
Or to drop a line

Held captive by age, in an old folks home
Facing the end of the journey
Facing it all alone


Heaven said...

That is so sad... I hate to see old folks being treated that way. In a twist however, the way we treat our folks will determine how our children will treat us when we get old.

Thanks for sharing this ~

Cad said...

Old age doesn't have much to look forward too along this road...

Titus said...

Something we should be making a difference about. Good choice.

Brian Miller said...

you have hit another place in my heart...used to volunteer at the nursing many forgotten there...they used to love any attention they would get...

Enchanted Oak said...

You touched me. When my mother developed Alzheimer's and I had to put her in a safe home where very low-paid people took care of her needs with professional skill and respect, I was changed. She could no longer visit with me, having lost the ability to interact. But I went, and respected her, and interacted with her fellow residents, all of them people worthy of respect, receiving it now from strangers. It was life-shifting.

NanU said...

It's so sad, some of the ways families and society in general have changed. Taking care of and revering our elders is something we should go back to!

Jinksy said...

Not all wrinklies are past it - whatever 'it' is... LOL