Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PVC Fish Attacters

I guess I am behind on things, I did not realize that a fish attracter could be constructed out of PVC. Here is a rather complex plan on building one, but it looks neat.
The components needed are:
4 55-gallon plastic barrels
12 five-foot sections of 1 ¼ PVC pipe plumbing grade
8 four-way L 1 ¼ PVC couplings
8 three-foot sections of 1 ½ PVC pipe
Four cinder blocks
Mortar mix
Hack saw
PVC pipe glue
PVC pipe cleaner
Tape measure
Skil Saw

Preparing Components
1. Cut the four 55-gallon barrels in half with a skil saw. The barrels need to be cut lengthwise, with the lids cut in half but still attached to barrel.

2. Measure four of the 1 ¼ piece of PVC to divide into a two and a three foot section. The two-foot sections will form the base of the fish attracter; the three-foot sections will be the outer posts.

3. Cut the previously measured pieces of 1 ¼ PVC into four three-foot sections and into four two-foot sections using the hacksaw.

4. Cut a slit halfway through each one of the eight pieces of 1 ½ PVC pipe. The 1 ½ PVC will serve as a sleeve over the 1 ¼ PVC with one end of the barrel lid fitting down into the slit.

5. Drill a 1 ¾ hole through each end of the 55-gallon barrels. The holes should be two-inches above the horizontal cut of the barrel lid.

Assembling Fish Attracter

1. Cement the four pieces of two-foot 1 ¼ pipe into the cinder block using mortar mix. This will form the base of the fish attracter.

2. Slide the 8 five-foot sections of 1 ¼ into the 8 three-foot sections of 1 ½ inch pipe. Next slide the three-foot sections of 1 ½ PVC with the 1 ¼ encased inside into the eight 55-barrel halves, threading the PVC through the holes drilled on each end. Slide the slit cut in the sections of 1 ½ pipe onto the side of the drilled holes.

4. Join four-way PVC couplings to the ends of the 4 two-foot sections of 1 ¼ PVC PIPE. Attach the couplings to the pipe using the PVC pipe cleaner and PVC glue.

5. Attach four of the PVC pipe/55 gallon barrel assemblies to the four-way PVC couplings using the PVC pipe cleaner and PVC glue. If assembled properly, the PVC assembly will form a square.

6. Join four of the five-foot sections of 1 ¼ PVC pipe into the upward part of the 4-way coupling of the square PVC assembly. Attach remaining 4 four-way couplings to opposite ends of pieces of PVC pipe. All of the couplings and pipes should be joined together using PVC pipe cleaner and glue.

7. Attach the remaining PVC pipe/55-gallon barrel assemblies to the four-way couplings using PVC pipe cleaner and glue. If assembled correctly, the structure should be shaped like a square box.

For assembly purposes, after cementing PVC into cinder blocks, lay the posts on the ground instead of trying to assemble upright. Assembling fish attracter this way is especially helpful for someone working alone.

Make sure that the PVC glue takes before use, being through with the cleaner and glue will help with this. Make sure that the mortar is fully set-up before use; follow directions that come with mortar mix about proper set-up time. When moving the structure, use a partner to avoid damaging the structure. It can also be helpful to have a partner present when launching the fish attracter.

Here is a link to a diagram of the finihed product, LINK

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