Saturday, January 15, 2011

Net10 Phone Review

I recently became a part of the cell phone culture when I purchased a Net10 prepaid phone. I am really impressed with the little Net10 device, so far it as given excellent service. As far as prepaid phone plans go, I feel like I got a real good deal. I paid $15 dollars at CVS for the phone, the phone came with 300 minutes and 60 days worth of service. After 60 days I will have to buy 60 more days of service and 300 minutes for $30, which means I am paying $15 a month for cell phone service. This is good for me since I rarely text and only use the cell phone when I absolutely have to. There are probably others out there who just want a cell phone for convenience or emergency purposes, Net10 is for them.

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noles82 said...

You sound like a satisfied customer. I've been a part of that cell phone culture and I'm not happy about paying that monthly bill. I really don't use it all that often and looking for ways to reduce that expense. I have a friend whose been with NET10 for over a year and is so glad she made the move. Definitely tops on the list. I like how you can pay as you go along and you're under no obligation. You do, however, have to add more minutes at the end of your service date, but at their prices, that's ok with me.