Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tell Men not to Rape

So I am sitting here watching Hannity on Fox News. The discussion is about women be able to defend themselves with a firearm. One lady on the show believe women should be able to carry a gun to protect themselves against crimes such as tape. Being a husband, father and somewhat of a decent guy I agree with this ladies logic, yes women should be able to carry a gun for self defense. However, another lady on the show had a compelling argument against women being armed. This lady gad an altogether different approach to preventing women from being raped, this simple yet novel approach is al awesome I wonder how come I never heard of it or thought of it before. Are you ready to hear her solution to rape, a solution that does not require a dangerous weapon. Brace yourselves, you are going to be in awe at the brillance in this ladies thinking . The lady said that we simply need to tell men not to rape. If we can just get the word out to men not to rape women. That is the solution, just tell the all the males of the human race not to rape and there you have it, problem solved. No gun, no shooting, no need to resort to violence just tell men not to rape women. Such s simple way to solve this age old problem. To be fair to this lady I believe what she was trying to say was that we need to educate men not to rape women. In a perfect world this might work but we live in a world far from perfect that is permeated with evil. We cannot educate the evil out of people but we can educate ourselves on how to protect against the evil. Only God can deliver people from from their evil tendencies, but not all people will come to God. Therefore, as long as their are those who refuse God and choose to pursue evil, I believe women should be able to carry a gun in order to protect herself against any one whom might attack her.

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