Saturday, March 2, 2013

Favorite Scene from the Two Towers

Towards the end of this epic picture the people are being pressed upon by the orcs with no place to go. There is an option retreat back into the mountain but with so many orcs there is no hope. Women, children and the old are trapped at Helms Deep along with the king, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and elf and men soldiers. With all hope fading, Aragorn encourages the king to ride out with him against the orc army. Morning is starting to dawn and Aragorn references what Gandolf said about coming on the fifth day and something about the east. As the king, Aragorn and the soldiers ride out to meet the orcs we see Gandolf in dazzling white on the eastern mountain looking down on the masses of orcs attacking the fortress. Gandolf leads an army down on the orcs and saves the besieged city of men. Two things that touch my heart about this scene : 1) Aragorn encouraging the relunctant king to ride out with him against the orcs against overwhelming odds. Even though things look hopeless we should not shrink back but should courageously ride out to meet our opposition. Do not give up, there is always hope, which beings me to my second point. 2) Gandolph appearing in the east to save the besieged city. Aragorn remembered what Gandolph said about looking for him on the fifth day. The night was over, morning breaks and with it hope. No matter how hopeless things may seem we never know when help may arrive. If we are looking to God, He will help us in due time. Remember, that He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. One more thing, Gandolph in white appearing in the east puts me in mind of the return of Christ with the armies of heaven. The forces of evil may seem like they are going to win but our Lord will return like He said He would, you can count on it.

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