Saturday, March 2, 2013

iPhone 5 at Walmart

Walmart is having a special financing deal on iPhone through April of 2013. Walmart customers with a Walmart credit card can purchase an iPhone for $25 a month for 18 to 26 months dependent upon the version of the popular phone.

Straightalk Wireless

This special financing plan means that Walmart customers can have a top of the line smart phone and service plan for $70 per month. It breaks down like this, the iPhone costs $25 a month coupled with a Straightalk Wireless $45 per month text,talk and data plan adds up to $70 a month. 

This special financing deal is a brilliant money making plan by Walmart as it provides an avenue for customers who want an iPhone but do not want to be bound by a long contract. Additionally, this proves once again that Walmart is one of the most customer friendly stores out there.

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple.
Straightalk Wireless is a registered trademark of TracFone Wireless Inc

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