Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games Review

The family and I ventured out to watch the highly acclaimed "Hunger Games". After all the hype, the promise of a somewhat interesting plot, and knowing that my 11 year old daughter wanted to see the flick, I was compelled to take my family to see the dark, futuristic movie. For the sake of those who have yet to see the movie I will not divulge the plot but will give my honest opinion on the movie. The storyline was solid, captivating not overly predictable with some interesting plot twists. For the storyline, I give the "Hunger Games" an A+.

The acting in the "Hunger Games" was up to industry standards and the actors and actresses gave a steller performance. For acting I give the "Hunger Games" a A+.

If I had to give any negative feedback on the "Hunger Games" it would be on chracter development. The character development was not bad but I would have liked it a slight bit deeper. On character development I give the "Hunger Games" an A-.

Overall I think that the "Hunger Games" is an excellent movie that kept my interest throughout. Hunger Games is also a familiy friendly movie with some violence but little gore and no sex, nudity or profanity ( I think I may have heard one curse word, I am not sure).
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