Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Critizize, Pray for Others

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

This devotion convicted me of a wrong attitude that I have sometimes regarding faults in other people. Though I do not always vocalize, sometimes I have a harsh, critical attitude. In today's devotion by Oswald Chambers, he speaks of the importance of not criticizing but interceding for others when you notice their sins (see 1 John 5:16 ).

As we go through this life, we should pray for one another, making intercession to God, praying that He would help all of us in our struggles. I realized a long time ago that I am very far from perfect and have my own struggles with sin and it is just by God's grace that I am able to say I am a Christian. However, as I seek God's help for myself, I should also be seeking God to help others instead of having a critical spirit towards them. I need to adopt the mind of Christ towards others, and love others with the love of God that is in my heart through the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says to judge not less we be judged. While it is important that we do not pass judgement on others, it does not mean that we are to  totally ignore sin in others. If I were about to step in front of a car speeding down the highway, would you not do your best to stop me, saving me from a certain death. How much more should we try to help others who are engaging in sin, which is more dangerous than any natural perils we face. Why not begin helping others by interceding to God for them? Instead of gossiping about them, or criticizing them, why not pray for them, not out of a sense of moral superiority, but in  a spirit of humility, realizing our own wretchedness.

The moral of this post is:  When you see others faults, don't criticize ( a practice that accomplishes nothing) but pray for them. Also realize that none of us are perfect and that the only good we can lay claim to is God's amazing grace. May we pray for one another and help each other make it home.

Be sure to read todays devotion in My Utmost for His Highest.

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