Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finding Christmas Joy

Tis the joyous season, or so some people say
I was looking for some Christmas magic to flow my way
Getting together with family and friends for eats was alright
But when all was said and done, it left me high and dry

Off from work for a few days, brought some happy thoughts
But still did not bring the special joy that I earnestly sought
I relished in the early gifts I had already received
But the joy they brought was superficial and short-lived

But when my family went to bed and me still awake
In the wee early hours of a  brand new Christmas Day
As I prepared my gifts to give to my family asleep
A warm feeling begin to over my longing heart creep

It was the blessed Christmas joy that I had seeking to find
In all the wrong places with a wrong frame of mind
For in the words of the Savior in whom I do believe
"It is more blessed to give than it is to receive"


Claudia said...

so true...sometimes we just hunt after sort of a romantic feeling - and only when we start giving, we really receive true christmas joy... merry christmas to you!!

Brian Miller said...

yes it is...i am glad a bit of christmas magic found you...and hope you have a lovely day with your family...

Heaven said...

I an so related to your post of the superficiality of the season. The best moment came when I too gave gifts to my children.

Wishing you Merry Christmas ~

Tifiny said...

love the ending line,

very well done.