Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cling to Innocence

Innocence on cliff edge, considering the ocean which lies before

Clouds kiss the water where sea and sky meet

Little girl, teddy bear in tow

Glances down at the water below

The waves beckon with white foamy hands

Promises of mystical enchantment in faraway lands

Unicorns, Pegasus’, dragons and knights in shining armor

Riding to her rescue, a princess in need of saving

Oh sweet darling princess

Cling to innocence

For soon you will swim

In oceans grim

In dangerous places

Where evil awaits

To steal your dreams

And lock you away in a dreary castle

Guarded by dragons and demons that taunt your soul

Reminding you of the little girl who once stood looking

Over the ocean dreaming of mystical places and knights in shining armor.


Dave King said...

Wow, what a change of mood. I wasn't ready for that, but that's poetry - when it's done so stupendously well!

Claudia said...

same as david..the sudden change of mood shook me..i was all in the dreamy fairytale atmosphere you wove and then the reality broke in..well connected by your title..cling to innocence..and that's what we all still can do.. enjoyed..

Brian Miller said...

great turn...def the ideal and the warning...does that reality trump the dream...i still have some shreds on mine around somewhere...smiles.

Morning said...

romantic, exhilarating,and outstanding.

love the imagery of prince rescuing princess, evil awaits, dragons and with the little girl watching....

well done.

Mama Zen said...


Anonymous said...

agree with Dave and Claudia, how this turned and just chilled the emotions

Anonymous said...

This is so true. I often watch children and wonder what the future holds in store for them. Victoria