Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job Opportunities in North Georgia

With Americans facing with such a bleak outlook on the job frontier, one sector to consider is the restaurant sector. One of the casual dining chains in America that is still offering employment opportunities is Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

If you live in Blue Ridge, Georgia, one of the closest Cracker Barrels is in Canton, Ga, about a 55 minute drive from Blue Ridge. If you can work with the management to let you work long shifts to avoid driving everyday then this may be a job opportunity that you want to consider.

Additional Cracker Barrels near Blue Ridge, Ga include Cleveland, Tennessee and Dalton, Ga. The store in Cleveland is the closer of the two and as far as drive time is comparable to the Cracker Barrel in Canton. However, driving to the store in Cleveland involves driving down a curvy river road that borders the Ocoee River.

I know from experience that restaurant work is hard work, but in the current job environment people cannot afford to be choosy.

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