Friday, June 17, 2011

Trout Fishing Streams in Fannin County

Delayed trout fishing to start on November 1.

Many people venture to beautiful Fannin County, Georgia for the trout fishing opportunities. Living in Fannin County for the better part of 48 years, I am well acquainted with many of those streams and have fished in some of them. I decided to compile a list of trout streams to give would be trout fishermen visiting the area an idea of where to start in choosing a trout stream.
  • Fightingtown Creek - This stream snakes through Fannin County and has its origin in Cashes Valley off of State Route 2. Fightingtown Creek enters the Ocoee River below Copperhill, Tennessee.
  • Jacks River - Jacks River is in the Cohutta Mountains and is accessed via State Route 2. This mountain stream is in the wilderness and flow through the Jones settlement, the last bit of civilization I know of before going into the wild. I have not visited lately, but it use to be teeming with large native brown trout. A word of warning, look out for rattlesnakes.
  • Hothouse Creek - This stream flows from North Carolina and feeds into the Toccoa River.  The baptizing hole om Curtis Switch in times past has been a popular fishing hole with locals.
  • Toccoa River - The Toccoa River feeds Blue Ridge Lake and flows from Blue Ridge Dam into Tennessee. The river is accessible above the dam by Aska Road and Highway 60 and below the dam via Highway 515, Curtis Switch, McCaysville and multiple other ways.
  • Rock Creek - Located in the mountains between Morganton, Georgia and Suches, Georgia. This stream has multiple camping sites and is home to the Rock Creek Fish Hatchery.
  • Coopers Creek - This creek is off Highway 60 just past the road that turns off to Rock Creek. like Rock Creek, Coopers Creek has campsites available for campers.
This is not a complete or exhaustive list of trout fishing streams in Fannin County, but will give vacationers and trout fishermen a good idea of where to begin looking for that golden trout fishing opportunity.

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