Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running Bleachers - Great Aerobic Activity

For a great aerobic activity, try running bleachers. Yesterday I went over to the local elementary school, which is West Fannin Elementary located in Fannin County, Georgia and started out by walking around the old football fields. After several laps I decided to walk up the old bleachers. Walking up the bleachers was not too much of a challenge, so I decided to try running up them. After running one, I decided to do another, then walked up them and then ran up the bleachers again. I continued alternating running and walking up the bleachers until my kids made me leave. If you have not been running or working out I recommend starting out walking bleachers until you have built up to running. I like walking up bleachers because you not only get a great cardio but a great leg workout as well. Additionally, walking bleachers burns calories and in my opinion picking up your knees as you walk up the bleachers is probably hitting the abs as well. So if you are looking for an exercise to take you to the next level or just wanting to try something different to break the monotony, try running bleachers.

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