Friday, May 27, 2011

Recycling Old Planks

Here is an idea for recycling old planks. Even though Christmas is a long ways off, here is an idea for a Christmas project.You can use an old plank for a Christmas craft project. You can make a Santa Claus to hang on the wall, door or even on a Christmas tree with an old plank, paint, craft wire, old buttons, black permanent mark, textured snow paint and some red felt. Once you have found a suitable plank, paint the plank using flesh-colored paint for the face, white for the eyes and red for his coat. Add pupils to the eyes using black paint, add other details such as belt, and pant inseam with the black permanent marker. Glue the old buttons to the front of the coat and using a stencil, make Santa’s beard with the textured snow paint. Cut the mittens and boots out of scrap lumbar and attach to your Santa with black craft wire. Cut the hat out of red felt and glue to the top Santa’s head. I found this interesting craft on

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