Sunday, May 15, 2011

Demand Studios Rejection

After nearly a year of churning out Demand Studios informational articles I have gotten the axe. I didn't see it coming, but it came and hit me like a ton of bricks. Here is how it went down.

I got an email from Demand Studios about two weeks ago saying that all of my assignments had expired. That didn't seem right, so I logged on to Demand Studios and found that I had been placed in the Demand Studios Writer Development Program. In this program, you claim three assignments that undergo extreme scruntinity by editors before you can claim any other articles. The first article I wrote had to be rewritten, I rewrote but do not know if it is approved or not. The second article was accepted after a rewrite. With the third article, the editor blasted me good. So I tried to follow the article as close as possible to avoid rejection, but guess what, rejected anyway. My major mistake was one sentence that had the word "to" that I missed in my editing. Do I have real writing skills? Was it a fluke, all the articles I have published? Or maybe it was meant to be. Here is the article that got me rejected, you be the judge.

Creative Uses for Old Wood Planks

Explore your creativity by making craft projects with old planks. Instead of throwing old planks away, you can reuse the planks in a variety of ways. For example, build an outdoor wooden floor mat with some old 1-inch by 3-inch planks and some twine or use some old barn wood planks to create rustic picture frames or plaques.

Wood Plank Doormat
To make a wooden doormat out of old planks, you will need enough 1-inch by 3-inch inch planks to make 7 sections, 22-inches long and twine. Once you cut the planks length, sand and stain the planks, using water resistant stain if mat is going to be an outdoor mat. Next, drill holes through the planks on the 1-inch side and thread the twine through the holes to hold planks together. Tie knots in the twine at each plank to provide spacing between the planks.

For an outdoor wedding, instead of using poster board signs to direct people to the wedding location, make a decorative sign out of an old plank. You can also use old planks to make signs for other events such as parties, barbecues or any event other event needing directional signs. In addition to directional signs for outdoor events, you can make rustic signs for businesses, homes, or as a home interior decoration.

Holiday Decorations
You can make holiday decorations from old planks. For example, for a Christmas decoration, make a wooden plank Santa Claus to. In addition to an old plank, you need paint, craft wire, old buttons, black permanent mark, textured snow paint and some red felt for this holiday craft project. Once you have painted and drawn Santa on the plank, attach mittens and boots to the project with black craft wire and glue the red felt to the top of plank for Santa’s hat

Mantel Planks
Place old planks over a mantel to make a decorative wall. To make this project, you need enough planks to go from the mantel to the ceiling and long enough to run the length of the mantel. Cut all the planks the same length, paint the planks the desired color and nail to wall above mantel. After attaching planks to wall, add decorations and memorabilia to the planks. For example, add some fishnets, seashells and decorative or mounted fish to create seaside themed wall.

I published the article on Associated Content, feel free to visit article there and see the finished work along with my sources.

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