Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Republicans Take Back the House

With Republicans taking over the majority in the house, will it be enough to stem the tide of Obama’s radical agenda.

Two years ago the American people were offered change that they could believe in, change is what they got, a change that was more like, and “I can’t believe he is trying to push that over on us.” From a national health care policy that most Americans did not want to the surrounding himself with a group of far left radicals that should make ever freedom loving, country loving American citizen shudder, not to mention his attitude towards Arizona’s governor’s attempt to secure Arizona’s borders, all these things and more show Obama the be a radical left wing president determined to push through his radical agenda on our country whether the citizens like or not. The question in the days following the victories by the Republican Party is whether or not a Republican controlled house of representatives can neutralize Obama’s radical agenda or perhaps reverse some of his policies.

Only time will tell what will happen in the days to come, but hopefully the midterm elections in an indication that America is waking up. Hopefully, America is finally seeing what Barack Obama is really all about, that he is about change, not change to believe in but change that should be feared. Maybe in two years, just as in January some representatives will be changing addresses, maybe Mr. Obama will be changing his address as well.

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