Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eating out for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here again, seven more days until that day that some refer to as Turkey day. While Thanksgiving is a day set aside that commemorates the pilgrims giving thanks to God for His provision, it is for some a day of stress, of long hours of cooking, loads of dishes to wash, and an overcrowded house of family and friends. During all the hubbub, the true nature of Thanksgiving Day can be lost.

An alternative to having a huge dinner at home, requiring tons of work in the kitchen, preparing the meal and cleaning up afterwards is to go out to eat. Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day and welcome their patrons with the traditional turkey and dressing, with some offering more elaborate dishes. The prices charged by different restaurants vary, with some such as Cracker Barrel offering a Thanksgiving meal that includes a drink and piece of pie at an economic price, with others charging considerably higher prices for their Thanksgiving day offerings.

The advantages of eating out for Thanksgiving our obvious, no cooking, no clean up and no house crowded with lingering guests. The disadvantages of eating-out for Thanksgiving are the prospects of having to wait a long time for a table if this year follows history, with many taking the eating-out option for Thanksgiving dinner.

While going to a restaurant can seem like an attractive option, for those who are diehards for tradition, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home with friends and family gathered around is hard to beat

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