Saturday, November 16, 2013

Romans 12 Bible Study Outline

This is my Sunday School notes for a review of Romans 12 before going into Romans 13.

In thinking about today's lesson I thought about the start of chapter 12 and how it spoke of living a consecrated and transformed life that we prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God. My interpretation, a life that shows what it means to walk in fellowship with God following His will.

I thought about the scripture following the first two verses and it seemed to me that they were truths and principles to meditate on to transform our thoughts on the Christian life.

Verses 3-8 concerning spiritual pride and the use of spiritual gifts. These verses warn about thinking too highly of ourselves because God has given us spiritual gifts. Paul then encourages us to walk in those gifts.

Verses 9-13 actions and attitudes toward one another and towards life in general( based on love, hope and devotion to God) 

Verses 14 How to  deal with persecution.

Verse 15 -18 Speaks of our response to others,sharing in their joy(not envious but being joyful with them) and being sensitive to those who are going through heart wrenching times by sharing in their sorrow,

Paul also speaks of humility, Believers are not to be consumed by seeking personal elevation or things that make for and reek of pomp and pride but rather should seek to be carried away with true humility.   We should be willing to yield ourselves to lowly circumstances if it be God's will. There is the warning not to to think of ourselves as self sufficient when it comes to wisdom. We are taught not to respond to evil with evil and to live a life free of reproach before all people. Finally, in this section of scripture we are told to get along peaceably with others to the best of our ability.

Verses 19- 20

These verses tell us not to worry about righting the wrongs done to us but to leave that in God's hands but rather instead of retaliation to respond with good that they may be shamed and repent. Finally, we are not to let evil get the best of us but to overcome it with good.

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