Friday, November 1, 2013

Penalty for No Healthcare Insurance

People who do not have healthcare that meets Obamacare's minimum requirements will have to pay a penalty. The penalty for 2014 will be calculated by two formulas and those paying a penalty will pay the greater of the two. It will be either 1% of the household income or $95 per person($47.50 for children 18 or under) with a maximum penalty of $285 per family.

This penalty does not seem too bad, most people may think they will just pay the fine and go uninsured or get cheaper insurance that does not meet the Obamacare minimum requirements. That may not be too bad for 2014, but according to the site, the penalty for 2015 will be eiher 2% of household income or $325 per person. The fee for 2016 increases to 2.5% of household income or $695 per person. People need to realize that even if we can slide by this year, we probably have not seen the worst.

The American people need to wake-up and try to elect people who will do all within their power to repeal this law. If they don't, I am afraid life as we know it in America will be changed forever, and not for the good. Obamacare is eroding our freedoms, the freedom to buy or not buy healthcare insurance and also the kind of healthcare insurance that we want to purchase. If we as Americans relinquish this freedom, what's next? Something to think about.

Please share this with others so that people will vote for people who will do whatever it takes to get this law repealed. I just pray it is not too late, please pray for God to have mercy on our country

Update 3/4/2024
(I just heard on Fox News that the individual mandate has been delayed, do not know the details. Check out for more info.)

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