Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rick and Daryl from Walking Dead for President and Vice-President

Zombie Book
What if we had Rick and Daryl from the Walking Dead for President and Vice-President? You may think it laughable, but what if we had leaders in the White House that had proved thier leadership skills under the harshest conditions? I think Rick and Daryl are leaders who know the importance of doing what you have to do to survive yet still having a heart. Our country is facing some major challenges, there are hard decisions to be made, we need men in charge who can rise up to those challenges and make the hard decisions without letting thier judgement be clouded by ideology that is nor feasible for the nation.

Should our leaders throw away thier conscious? I don't believe so, but they should open up thier minds and admit that perhaps thier ideology may not always be the right course. We have a constitution, and we have other branches of Government, I think that the Constitution should be adhered to and the White House should listen to what others in opposing parties have to say and also listen to the people. The President needs to be ready to really listen and be willing to accept opposing views, he needs to realize and be willing to admit he may be wrong.

Rick and Daryl have learned from thier experience on the Walking Dead that when it comes down to it you do what you have to do yet you still strive to do what is right within your power. When the world is going through a zombie apocalypse you learn that some of your social ideology is not as important as you once thought and you have to focus on the essentials of survival without losing your humanity. What of this way of thinking was implemented in Washington and our leaders focused on what we need to do to make it as a nation? It might mark a difference.

Anyways, I say Rick and Daryl for the White House. I know they are fictional characters but I trust their character's judgement more than I do the current administration.

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