Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria Unrest Dirty Dance Moves Not Miley's Best

Wow, what a week is has been.From the turmoil in Syria to the raunchy dance moves of former Disney star Miley Cyrus. I would have to say the atrocities by the Syrians and the possibility of war with Syria would be the worst but both are disturbing.

Death and destruction on one hand and filthy debauchery on national TV on the other. It does not appear that things are getting better but that this world is on a downward spiral. However, hope is on the horizon, Jesus is coming back. Lets hope the Miley Cyrus' and those who traffic in death will get a clue before they meet King Jesus. May we all get a clue before we meet Him who created all things and died for the sins of mankind and came back from the dead with the  keys of death and hell.

Since He is coming back and will judge this world it would behoove us all to live for Him.

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