Sunday, January 20, 2013

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

Some people may have different ideas about Dr. King, and to be perfectly honest I know little about him except some history I have absorbed over the years and his famous "I had a Dream" speech, but in my opinion Martin Luther King day should be something that people of all colours can celebrate.

People can celebrate how are creator made us, He made us in His own image. People of all different colours and ethnic backgrounds can celebrate that they are created in the image of God.

People can celebrate equality. All people are created equal. no one person is better than another person, we all are on level ground. We are different from another but not better, we are all the offspring of our heavenly Father.

People can celebrate diversity, we are all different. Can you imagine how things would be if we were all the same. No we are not the same; the human race is made up of diverse people of all colours, shapes and sizes.

In addition to celebrating these things I believe that Martin Luther King's day should be about unity. People in America need to come together. We need to realize that we are all in this thing together so why not try to get along and help one another.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King's day, let us remember that the human race (there is just one race, the human race) is created in the image of God; that we are all created equal; that diversity is not a bad thing; and we should focus on unity on this day, not divisiveness.

Everybody have a happy Martin Luther King's day.


Rachel I. said...

Well said, my brother. You have a big heart. Love to you :)

Paul Young said...

Thanks Rachel, love back. Just stating the truth.