Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It is something that at times is hard for me to grasp but yet I know it is true; the meek shall inherit the earth, the humble shall be exalted, blessed are the poor in spirit, more blessed to give than receive, last shall be first... This hard to grasp but wonderful principle in God’s Kingdom that it is the humble, not the rich and powerful that are the ones who are better off. Sometimes we desire wealth, power, fame and all the accolades that accompany being one of the prominent powerful folks who seem to rule the planet but the word of God show us that it is better to be counted as one of the humble folks. We want to have our own way at times, but in God’s Kingdom it is better to yield if it is not yielding to evil. God is sovereign and He will take care of His own,

God give us the grace to trust that you will indeed take care of your children. May we realize that we do not need to worry so much about ourselves and getting our fair share, but trust You to give us what we truly need.

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