Monday, March 21, 2011

Luigi jumpstarts the game cube with the Ghostbusters parody, Luigi’s Mansion. The game consists of exploring a mansion and sucking up ghosts. As fun as that may sound, the game gets pretty old after a while. This game is not the longest game on the shelf either; it is only about a 4 hour play through. However, this game does have some upsides to it.

The game starts where Luigi wins a new mansion from a contest he never entered. Luigi then invites Mario to check the place out. Before Luigi enters the mansion, Mario is nowhere to be found. During the adventure he meets an old scientist named E. Gadd., who provides him with a nifty gadget called the poltergust 3000. Using the poltergust 3000, Luigi must brave the horrors of his new mansion to save his brother.

The graphics of the game are actually pretty good. The game has a cartoon style of animation. The rooms of the mansion have top-notch detail, the ghosts look wacky and creepy, but their quality drops when seen through mirrors. Luigi’s animations and gestures will make you laugh out loud. The graphics all in all are superb.

The music is kind of a retro style with a spooky tune. The ghosts’ moans, wails, and laughs are vibrant. Although some of the voice acting can be very annoying. In the game, if you press the A button Luigi will call for Mario, this can be funny but it gets annoying after a while.

Game play
Mainly you will be sucking up ghosts and looking for keys. But you must also capture mischievous creatures called boos. During the game you will receive medals which enable you to shoot fire, water, and ice, but you will probably only use this mechanic to solve a few puzzles. The bosses are very exciting and fun to play. There are also special specters called portrait ghosts, where Luigi can not defeat like a regular ghosts, he must find their weakness. The game is beaten in about 4 hours, but there is a feature called the hidden mansion; it is where you replay the game with a few gimmicks, but that will only last about 2 more hours.

Luigi’s mansion had a great story compared to the storylines of other Mario games. Its animation is great and pulled off making the mansion scary and humorous. The music is amazing, but E. Gadd’s gibberish might drive you insane. The gameplay will keep you playing till it’s over. Luigi’s Mansion may not be Nintendo’s greatest, but it’s an okay game. I’d advise just renting it and not buying it.






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