Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson

It is very unfortunate that Micheal Jackson left this world at a somewhat early age. He was a multi-talented man and was loved by many around the globe. So much potential, so much to offer, but what really killed Micheal Jackson? Originally we were told that it was cardiac arrest, but now there is reports that he was taking a some strong prescription narcotics.

We don't know the pain that he was experiencing, physically or emotionally. All we know is that a beloved music icon isn't with us anymore. We have had other celebrities who have died sudden deaths that may have been related to prescription meds. What is going on with the doctors that are giving excessive amounts of drugs to these celebrities? Why do they do it? Do they not know better? Are they motivated by greed as the celebrities may pay them for these prescriptions? I am just speculating, but these are questions that need to be addressed.

Micheal Jackson, gone but not forgotten 1958-2009

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