Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

I am not meaning to make light of the demise of the pop legend Michael Jackson. He has been the main topic on news shows the past several days, and you can't turn on a news network without hearing his name. I was watching one famous newsman's show as he was interviewing a former associate of Michael Jackson, when I heard a statement that struck me as funny. The statement went something like this," If Michael Jackson don't change his ways, one day he is going to wake up dead." That of course is not the exact words except for the part "one day he is going to wake up dead".

My question is this,how does somebody wake up dead. Isn't the whole thing about being dead is that you don't wake up. Wouldn't it be a trip to wake up dead. I mean one minute you are fine, and then the next minute you wake up dead. Personally I don't want to wake up dead, I just want to sleep through the whole thing.

I do believe in the next life, and that we will wake up in either one of two places, but I don't believe that is what he was talking about, of course I could be wrong. he may been referring to Michael Jackson awaking in eternity. Anyways it strikes me funny, to say that somebody will one day wake up dead. May we all wake up alive in the morning, and may our thought and prayers be with the Jackson family.

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