Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why I Love Donald Trump

Prior to the 2016 presidential race I did not give Donald Trump much thought but when he began his run for president its like a switch flipped on in me, I found myself drawn to the multi-billionaire businessman turned presidential l candidate. As I listened to his pro-American/make America Great again message I begin to consider him as someone I might vote for. I must admit that I was torn between Donald Trump and Ted Cruze at the outset but the more I listened to Trump the more I begin to like his message. Now before I lose you attention I will give the reasons I love Donald Trump.
1. He is pro-America. It is good to have a leader that at least to me seems to have America's best interest in mind.
2. He is a hard worker. You almost expect someone as rich as Trump to lounge around, lapping up the excess of luxury, not so with Donald. Donald Trump reportedly works harder and more than a lot of people not near his age, including myself.
3. He appears to have raised some good children, They carry themselves with class, not has snobbish rich kids.
4. Very classy wife.
5. He seems to be very down to earth. I do not perceive him as one of the elite class, but as one of us. His riches do not seem to have went to his head.
6. Seems to have good common sense.
7. Speaks his mind.
8. His policies such as the Wall, repeal Obamacare, tax breaks, destroy ISIS, vetting the refugees, not afraid to say radical Islam, calling out the media, Keystone Pipeline just to name a few.

Just a few reasons why I love President Donald Trump. I know he is not perfect, he is not the Messiah or savior of the universe but just a man. But I am very proud to say that the man Donald Trump is my president.

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