Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oregon Battery Powered Chain Saw Review

Battery powered chain saw by Oregon

I was getting tired of gas powered saw, it was flooding out and was having a hard time cranking it, so I decided to go electric. Looked at some Stihl battery powered saws and ten checked out my favorite online retailer and saw this 40 volt battery powered chain saw made by Oregon. The reviews all looked good and I liked the features but I really did not know what to expect. Being frustrated by the gas saw I was using and being somewhat of a gadget online ordering hound, after looking at a few other battery saw online I decided to pull the trigger on the 40 volt Oregon chain saw. I ordered the saw and an extra battery to go with it so I could double my cutting time and charge one battery while using other provided I was close enough to an electrical outlet. I got the saw last week and today is the third time I have used it so here are a few thoughts on the saw.

I like it, it really eats through the wood, very smoothly I might add after it gets in to the wood. It does snap at small loose twigs but it does really well on bigger pieces of wood. I was using my dad's Stihl chain saw along with it today and I do believe the Oregon beat the Stihl on cutting speed and smooth cutting. So as far as cutting I give the saw a 9 out 10.

Other features that I like about the Oregon battery saw is the built in sharpener that allows you to sharpen chain while running the saw. You just have to pull back the lever and while saw is running and shazam you have a sharp blade. In addition to easy sharpening, it is also easy to adjust the chain tension without any tools. So far run time as been no problem, today I ran the saw for about 30 minutes and still had a half a charge on one battery, of course I was piling brush at the same time so I was not running it constantly.I like the weight of the Oregon as well, easy to use, I held it in my left hand while I slung brush with my right.

So in closing I am well pleased with my new Oregon battery powered chain saw thus far. As far as durability goes and whether it has glitches or not, well that remains to be seen. But for now I am happy with my purchase.

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