Sunday, January 31, 2016

What to Blog About

Maybe you are wondering if blogging is for you ( I wonder the same thing.) I have had a few blogs for several years now and find that I do not post very often. I was excited at first, the thought of having my writing read by readers all over the globe sounded awesome, throw in some adsense revenue and it sounded really good. I had this vision of making enough money off my blog through google adsense that I would be able to quit my day job. I imagined a life of traveling around with my laptop and writing for a living, make a long story short, did not turn out that way. I still work at Cracker Barrel waiting tables, and have made a grand total of $49 and some odd cents from adsense. So now I am just writing this post contemplating about continuing my writing, blogging whatever I may do with words. I titled this post ' What to Blog About ' but I guess it is better titled 'What to Write or Whether to Write'.

Could be I am just intrigued by the thoughts of being a writer, always has kinda fascinated me or maybe it is part of my destiny, who knows and if you are reading this you are probably thinking who cares. Any how, maybe I will get it figured out.

If you are thinking about blogging, why not give it a try. Blog about things that you are passionate about, things within your realm of expertise or if you have an interesting life write about yourself and your daily activities. As for myself, I do not know where my writing goes from here. Have a good life and God bless.

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