Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trip to Olive Garden December 2015

I recently received a $50 gift card to Olive Garden, today we decided
to use it. It has been almost a year since I had visited Olive Garden
so I was not aware that they had little electronic tablets on the
table that you could use to call your server, pay with and also to
play games on. A good idea I guess, convenient but I thought it a bit
tacky that to play the unlimited games on the device you are charged
$2 which is added on to your bill. My wife and daughter mentioned it
but I wasn't paying them much mind and having not read the fine print
I hit the button on the screen to play a game. Whammo, two bucks on to
my bill. It was my fault so not complaining so much about the $2 but
it just seems to diminish the class of an otherwise somewhat classy
Italian restaurant to be charging patrons $2 to play games when
probably most have smart phones with their own games. I know it brings
in a little extra revenue for Olive Garden but no pun intended it
seems a little cheesy to me. In my opi
nion, I have always thought Olive Garden was a little classier
establishment than to resort to such ploys to make a few bucks. Guess
it's just the days we living in.
However, the food was good, service excellent, good to have WiFi,
which as they advertised was free but who charges anymore anyways, just
surprised that Olive Garden is charging their guests to play games.
What's next, Cracker Barrel renting out their famous peg board games.

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