Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sitting here at Blue Ridge Walmart parking lot, wa

Musing from Walmart Parking lot in Blue Ridge, Ga.

Sitting here at Blue Ridge Walmart parking lot, waiting on my wife, waiting in life, waiting in line, waiting on death.
Death does not cheat us, no it actually frees us, frees us to enter the vast unknown realm of eternity. Eternal peace for some, eternal death for others.

Little birds flitting about on the pavement, picking up pieces of their daily bread. People pass me by as I sit here dead-locked in self absorption. What do they think of this life or do they think at all? I know we all think, but how do we think is the question. Is it only in the shallow waters of mere existence or upon the true essence of life. I would love to launch out into the deep waters of His life but I find that here in the shallow waters the muddy footing beneath the water is extremely hard to extract your feet from.

Musing from Walmart parking lot🌄

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