Sunday, February 22, 2015

Health Insurance through Cracker Barrel Old Countr

Health Insurance through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

I have had health insurance through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for the past 13 years but I am debating about keeping it for 2015. The insurance that Cracker Barrel offers through United Health Care and other sources has been good for as a server and been affordable too, since the premium over the past 13 years taken from my small paycheck, pre-tax has not been missed due to the fact my check is $ 0.00 due to taxes being taken out. Therefore, having health insurance did not cost me anything out-of-pocket and I was able to keep all the money I received as tips. However, this year is different, I just received a bill for around $190.00 for my healthcare insurance, a Cracker Barrel has not been taking it out of my payroll check, only deducting taxes. I do not know if this is Cracker Barrel's new policy or a new tax law, really don't matter, the point is that having healthcare insurance through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store became a little less attractive for us who wait tables for a living, $190 is a pretty big chunk of change for a Cracker Barrel server. There will probably be servers who will not be able to pay the premium for the insurance offered by Cracker Barrel, which is unfortunate. So on behalf of those servers who this affects I would like to say to who ever is responsible for this change in how the healthcare premium is deducted from payroll, the decisions you make about how and when the insurance premium is deducted affect real people. In my case which is probably similar to other Cracker Barrel services, I am considering not buying insurance and paying the penalty. In the future, who ever made this change, please consider how your decisions will affect others. At the least, give a heads up about these changes, I feel like I was blindsided.

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