Monday, July 21, 2014

Frozen Phenomenom

Frozen, the Disney movie has become quite a hit with adults as well as kids. Maybe in this dark world we live in people want to believe that things like love and honor still exist. I know that I hope my daughter one day finds a Prince Charming that will treat her like a princess. Disney once again puts out a feel good movie

 Along with Frozen movie, there are also the songs and off course the dresses so that the little princesses can dress like the princesses on Frozen. my little girl used to be into the princess thing but then she grew up. Now at the ripe old age of thirteen she is too old for the princess stuff, however she will always be my princess.  Perhaps you have a daughter who is really into the Disney Frozen movie thing, she might enjoy  putting on  a Frozen princess dress. I like to think of little girls as little princesses, and one way you can make her feel like a little princess is by giving her a princess dress to wear.

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