Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dead Friends Dear Friends

Dead friends yet dear friends 
Who live on in my mind

Looking at old pictures of 
When they were living
Brings bittersweet feelings
Of a distant time

I thought they were invincible
Indestructible beings who old man death would never find
But find them he did 
And took them away
At an unexpected time

When my life was empty 
When having no clue
Dear friends you brought me joy
And helped ease the pain of a troubled youth

Though I know you were not perfect 
And had demons that you fought
You always seemed to have an attitude that 
Approached life without fear and embraced having a good time, anytime
You took me in as a friend, though I felt like a nobody, you made me feel like a somebody
For that I give you thanks.

In memory of Tracy Welch and Kenny Harris.

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