Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nuclear Threat from North Korea

Who would have thought that North Korea would have the audacity to threaten the United States of America, the great Super Power and world leader. Wake up America and smell the bitter coffee, it has happened. According to "Hannity" on Fox News, North Korea has moved a missile or missiles to their east coast.

Will North Korea try to Nuke North America or are they  just doing some saber rattling? Nobody really knows. I took my family to see the movie "Red Dawn", a remake of the popular 1980's movie. In the original "Red Dawn" which starred the late Patrick Swayze, the United States were attacked by the Russians on their home soil. In the latest version of the movie, it is the North Koreans who are attacking the United States on their 'home turf'. When I watched the movie I thought the idea of North Korea attacking the United States was far-fetched; however, the threat of North Korea attacking the United States may be closer to reality than we want to think.According to different news sources, the North Korean army has been cleared to attack with nuclear weapons.

 People in the United States may feel that we are safe from the threats from this island nation. Some U.S.citizens may believe that the United States is a Super Power and invincible. But the truth is that no nation or person for that matter is invincible. People and nations are mortal which means we can be destroyed. Think of the Biblical account of David and Goliath, David was the underdog going up against the giant Philistine champion. Yet, David slew Goliath because it was ordained of God.

I am not predicting that North Korea is going to destroy the United States of America, but that people in America need to realize that we are not invincible, we can be defeated. .Superior military might does not guarantee our national security. The only true security or safety it is from God Almighty.The times of the United States and all the nations are in His hands. We are all in His hands. The only safe place is in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Praise God, that through His death and resurrection He made it possible for us to take refuge in Him.

I do not know what the future holds or what nations like North Korea will do, but I do know the one who is in control, His name is Jesus, the Son of God. I encourage all, don't fear North Korea or anything else, but fear God and keep His commandments. One day we will all appear before Him, on that day all that will matter is what we did with Him and how we lived this life we have been given.

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