Saturday, December 18, 2010

Driving on Ice

Have you ever considered taking a drive on an icy day? Take my advice, don't, it is not very fun. The family and I went out to a movie last Wednesday afternoon and before we made it back home we found ourselves traveling on a road coated with ice. I inched my way home for a few hours before giving in and pulling off the highway ( when your vehicle changes lanes on its on without your consent it is time to give it a rest). The thing about driving on ice is that you have very little or no control over your vehicle. You can be doing well one second and the next second find yourself sliding out of control. So my advice is that if you do not absolutely have to be out on the ice, then stay at home. If you have to be out on an icy road, then go slow, stay off brakes as much as possible, use low gear and pray. Be safe and have a  Merry Christmas.

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