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VOM Prayer Update for September 22, 2008
On Mon. Sep 22 2008 at 07:34 AM David H wrote:
INDIA – Attacks on Christians Continue for Third Week – VOM Sources

UPDATE: VOM contacts report violence against Christians in Orissa state has continued for the third week as Hindu extremists have refused to accept the Maoists' claim of responsibility for the murder of a Hindu leader in late August. On September 13, an irate mob torched a church building in the village of Anchhla, Koraput district. In another incident, a Christian man was killed by militants in the town of Raikia. On September 14, 12 homes belonging to Christians were burned in the village of Makabali. Extremists have even launched attacks on the police for intervening in the violence. Christians fear they will continue to be targeted, particularly since extremists have prepared a list of approximately 140 Christians who they allege were the Hindu leader's killers. The list is being distributed among Hindu supporters in order to identify who should be punished or killed in case the government fails to take action to their satisfaction. Pray that the perpetrators of these attacks will come to repentance and salvation. Ask God to strengthen the thousands of Christians affected by the violence to remain steadfast in faith. Pray for full and lasting peace in this persecution-torn region.

Revelation 2:10

IRAN – Parliament Votes to Punish Apostasy with Death – Compass Direct News

On September 9, Iran's parliament voted in favor of a draft law that would mandate the death penalty for men convicted of apostasy, a charge frequently brought against Christians in the country. If this law passes all stages of Iran's legislative process, male Muslim converts to Christianity if convicted would have no other punishment than death.. Under current Iranian law, apostasy is a capital offence, but the judge is free to decide the penalty. Pray for believers in custody in Iran and ask God to protect them. Ask the Holy Spirit to encourage believers in Iran who are standing for Christ unashamedly despite the cost they might pay. Praise God for their courage.

2 Samuel 22:31

LAOS – Evicted Families in Need, Believers Still Being Held – VOM Sources

VOM contacts in Laos report that seven families evicted from their homes by police early last year continue to face hardships as they relocate to other areas. Meanwhile, eight pastors who were arrested in Udom Sai province in March 2008, are still being held in prison and there is no indication when they might be released. Please pray for the evicted families and ask God to meet their needs. Pray for the families of imprisoned pastors who are financially challenged, especially for some of the children that have had to leave school because their parents are in prison. Ask God to watch over and protect VOM workers serving persecuted believers in Laos.

John 15:18-21

AZERBAIJAN – Baptist Pastor Ordered to Remain in Prison – Forum 18 News

A judge has ordered imprisoned Baptist Pastor Hamid Shabanov detained for another two months. "The judge called the latest hearing without even informing Hamid's lawyer. This was a clear violation," Ilya Zenchenko head of the Baptist Union told Forum 18 News. The pastor was arrested in June following a police raid on his home and faces charges of possession of an illegal
weapon; charges that his family insist are fabricated. Pray for Pastor Shabanov's family and congregation. Ask God to protect and encourage them.

Psalm 91:1-5

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