Saturday, April 26, 2008

Use Our Own Resources!

This burns me up,it should burn you up too.Why in the world do we have folks stopping us from getting our own oil here in America.Why shouldn't we be able to drill offshore and in the Alasken oil fields.If it is indeed supply and demand economics driving up the price of fuel,then why don't we increase our own supply here at home.Why depend upon OPEC,and Venezeaula when we could help ourselves to our own oil here at home?Why be held hostage by the middle east?
Those who our blocking us getting our own oil,should be out of a job and maybe be tried for crimes against the people of the United States.What do you think?
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Lisa Fields said...

You bring up some good thoughts! I work at a local gas station, and I'm seeing more & more carpooling everyday! I also agree with you about thinkin before we go somewhere! As a society, we are so spoiled and wasterful! As far as drilling in Alaska goes, I say "Fire up the drills boys!"